Woman pulls up carpet to find hidden hatch to ‘creepy’ basement she never knew existed

A woman has left people feeling disturbed after she pulled up an old carpet in her home and discovered a hidden hatch she ‘never knew about’.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, which has been watched more than 13 million times, user @Unfortunateexistance filmed the moment she lifted up the grey carpet to find a door with a rusted handle disguised into the old flooring.

The door then hinges open to reveal a set of wooden stairs, as she wrote: “When you pull the carpet off your floor and FIND A BASEMENT YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT.”

As some viewers begged her to film what was down there, she said at first she had been scared to go down as she heard a “humming noise” which unsettled her friends and she didn’t want to go down alone.

She said her lights had also turned on in the middle of the night recently and others told her to take it as a sign, as one commented to say: “It was hiding for a reason, close it back up lady.”

A second wrote: “This is 2021, this is not the year to open that up,” and another added: “Nah, this is how horror films start. I’d leave.”

But eventually she plucked up the courage to slowly head down the stairs with her camera and admits her “legs are shaking” as she shows old wooden furniture, including a chair and bed frame, left on the concrete floor.

Despite the light switch not working to make everything a little more “creepy”, there was very little else down there except for what appears to be a water tank, a few discarded items and the fuse box – which the woman said she had been “looking for everywhere”.

But viewers were still convinced there was more to it, as one commented: “The light box is open and you said the lights went on in the middle of the night. Girl, pack your family up and move, somebody lives down there.”

A second said: “Oh hell naw, that’s a ghost chair… close that thing back up.”

And another added: “It looks like one of those places where people get tortured.”