Mum freaked out by ‘tiny black balls’ in playhouse – and no one knows what it is

A mum who found thousands of ‘creepy black balls’ in her children’s playhouse has left the internet – and experts – stumped as to what they could be.

The woman, from Australia, said her children have a plastic toy house in the garden which had been left unused and closed up for three days.

But when she looked back inside she found “thousands” of shiny black balls covering the floor and on the walls, posting photos online in the hope someone could identify what they were.

The mum was left worried it could be termites, and still has no definitive answer as many people took guesses but no one could come to an agreement.

One suggested the balls were “too shiny” to be droppings, while another suggested it could be tick eggs, but that idea was quickly shut down.

Someone replied to say: “You would need a magnifying glass to see and identify tick eggs, I have never seen them before, and even then they would be small. Tick nymphs are only just visible to the naked eye,” Daily Mail reports.

One comment suggested: “Try and squash one. If it doesn’t squash or fluffs back up, could be from a toy. If it pops could be an egg, if it crushes into dirt or dust it could be poop.”

The mum responded to say she had also found a moth in the playhouse and wondered if they could be eggs from the insect.

A woman responded to explain: “It looks like the ones posted are not sticking to anything. I’m not sure that moths lay over a thousand eggs that have no way to stay lodged to what they were laid on.”

And a second wrote: “That’s a lot of eggs for a single moth.”

Others guessed that it may be pokeweed seed hoarded by a mouse, and shared photos which looked very similar to the images posted.

A pest controller then tried to put her mind at ease by saying they definitely were not termites, and doubted they were from an insect at all.

They instead suggested: “Looks like a filler from a kids toy? Something weighted.”